2018 Spring Auditions

February 28th – March 3rd

Please Read all of Our FAQs below to make sure you are fully prepared for your Audition!

Wednesday, February 28th – Friday, March 2nd – 3:30-7:00 PM
Saturday March 3rd – 10:00 AM-6:00 PM

Auditions Held At

Broadway Bound Studio
University Heights Community Center
5031 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Auditions FAQ

All Auditions are held at our Stuidios at University Heights Community Center.

5031 University Way NE, Suite 204, Seattle WA 98105

We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes early to complete the necessary paperwork and get a picture taken, and time given, get measured for costumes.
Kids will enter the audition in groups of 3 to 6. You will generally have 3 to 5 minutes individually to present your audition. (Do not partner with other actors ahead of time for auditions).
The full audition will take approximately 30 minutes.

Remember to show up 15 minutes beforehand to fill out paperwork.

You will need to have a 30 Second Monologue and a song prepared.

  • The monologue can be a scene from your favorite movie, a play or could even be a poem. This is to give us a chance to see your acting.
  • The Song should be something you are comfortable with. The song can be from a show, a song you’ve sung in a previous show, a favorite song, or a simple school song.
Yes, all our shows are musicals, we want to hear what you can do. And if you would like to work on your song in advance, set up some time with Melina, our Musical Director, and she can help you feel more prepared.
Auditions are to show us what you can do but even if you don’t feel great about the audition doesn’t mean you won’t get a part. Everyone who auditions at Broadway Bound gets a role!

And remember no role is too small! Every character is important in making the show! We also don’t give a lot of our ensemble lines until we are rehearsing, they go to the kids who are working hard an show us they can handle it.

We will have some paperwork for you to fill out that we will email you the day before, but you can also fill it out at the office.
For your song, you should bring music. This can be your own sheet music in a 3-ring binder, so our piano player can give live accompaniment. Or you can bring a CD or MP3 to sing along with. Or if you choose you can sing without accompaniment.
Melina is our fantastic Musical Director who does one on one audition prep lessons, if you have any questions or want to practice, you can contact her directly at melina@broadwaybound.org

Show Information

Rehearsals start in March after casting is announced and go until the shows. The kids practice for about 3 months. You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown will be performing in May. Legally Blonde will be performing in June. Rehearsals are twice a week, when you come to auditions you fill out a conflict form so we don’t overbook your days if you have other after school activities. Rehearsals Schedules change with each season but typically can be Mon/Wed, Tue/Thur, Tue/Fri or Wed/Friday. They are 2 hours, from 4:30 to 6:30 at our studios in Udistrict. There are several Saturday rehearsals but we let you know those dates as soon as we know. It’s also important to note that although our rehearsal schedule is two days per week, as we near the performance dates there will be a few extra rehearsals called, usually on Saturdays, to fine tune the show and insure we present a first class production to our audiences.

Please note: tuition payments, once received by Broadway Bound, are non-refundable.  We ask for the first installment at auditions to ensure commitment to the production, regardless of role. Participation in Broadway Bound productions cost $275 per month over four months, totaling in $1100. – $50 non-refundable audition fee must be paid before auditions *****A $150 staffing fee will be charged in addition to the above tuition, you can opt-out of this fee by signing up for volunteer hours.*****

A $150 staffing fee can be charged in addition to regular tuition. 
This fee can be waived by completing 15 hours worth of volunteer time. Volunteering can happen in many ways, ie. helping at the shows, working with costumes, building the set, or helping with fundraisers.
We also have a need-based scholarship program. Students who receive free or reduced lunch at school are eligible for a full or partial Broadway Bound scholarship—we would need a copy of the school lunch approval letter with their scholarship application. For students who aren’t enrolled in the free/reduced lunch program but are still interested in applying for a scholarship, their parents would need to submit a copy of their most recent tax return with the scholarship application.  All scholarship recipients are required to complete 15 hours worth of volunteer time.

If you have questions, please contact us at office@broadwaybound.org or by phone at 206.526.5437

Every kid is busy with activities these days, we don’t want to double book your days. At the audition you will be given several forms to complete. One of them is a conflict form, if you have a weekly conflict that cannot be avoided you must note that on your conflict form. This helps us to better schedule all of the kids.
We can help you with that, all parents could use some help getting their kids to and from rehearsals. So what we do is we compile a mass list with every kid’s School and home zip code. Then you can see either what kids go to the same school or who might live near you. Then with the parents emails on the list you can reach out and make new friends!
The kids will rehearse at our Studios at University Heights Center until the week before their performances, that is when we will move into the Theatre.

This spring we will be performing at Rainier Arts Center in Columbia City. 3515 South Alaska St. Seattle, WA 98118

If your questions weren’t answered here, please feel free to contact us at office@broadwaybound.org or 206-526-5437