Join us Every Friday for a
Sing A Song (Along)


Description: Join us every Friday to hang out and sing together!

Every Friday, students join their peers and a Broadway Bound staff member to sing songs together. Like karaoke, students choose a song and perform it for their peers. Songs from musicals are encouraged, but all songs are welcome*. Performers can sing with a recording (with words or instrumental), live accompaniment, or a capella. Students joining can watch or sing along (on mute) with the performer. Part karaoke, part sing along, this "workshop" gives peers a chance to spend time with one another and sing songs that provide joy and relief.

*First hour (4:30-5:30) is all family-friendly (ages 5+) music selections and the second hour (5:30-6:30) allows for "PG-13" content, giving some of our older students an opportunity to perform songs meant for mature audiences.

Facilitator: Heather Jessup

Ages: 10-18

Schedule: Fridays from 4:30 to 6:30 PM
Starting April 10th, Ending June 5th

Restrictions: We can have up to 95 people watching at a time.

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