Welcome to the Broadway Bound Sings Karaoke 2024 Gallery!

If you’re in the mood to watch a wide variety of talented performers share some amazing musical theatre songs, you’ve come to the right place.  Watch all of submissions, then vote for your favorites. Or if you’re short on time and you’ve got a
pony in the race (as they say), scroll through to find your special somebody, and vote straight-away with your heart.

Submitters who get the most votes and are available on Saturday evening, March 16th will be invited to perform their selection live at the Broadway Bound Sings Karaoke Showcase at Magnuson Park Theater in Seattle. Tickets are available for friends and family to come watch.

Just $1 buys a vote (10-vote minimum). Every vote is like a round of applause for a talented performer – with every dollar raised going directly towards the repair and renovation of Magnuson Park Theater for Broadway Bound and other performing arts organization in need of a venue.