PAT: Vocal Training, Musical Theatre Make-Up and Audition Prep taught by Melina Karu

1.  Vocal Training: August 7th-11th

Come learn the basics of vocal technique that will help singers of any skill-level up their performance game!  This class is for students interested in improving their vocal agility, breathing, posture, and other technical aspects of singing which will be an asset in any genre of musical performance.

Recommended for ages 8 and up, but exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

2.  Theatrical Makeup: August 14th-18th

This class is all about perfecting your stage look!  We will cover the basics of hygiene/product care, colour-matching, application, face-charting, and contour/highlighting, as well as the specific looks of glamour, old age, and one historical and/or fantasy character.  This class is a must for those who want to have an independent understanding of theatrical makeup application – especially if you are planning on being in a full-length show and need to apply your own makeup.

**Additionally, this class will require you to bring in your own makeup – both for the sake of a correct colour-match, as well as for hygienic safety.  The most affordable, high-quality basic kit available is the standard Ben Nye Student Theatrical Stage Makeup Kit.  This kit comes in 8 shades and can be ordered from most reputable online stage makeup retailers for about $20 – however, to make sure the colour is the best match, they can also be purchased in-person at local retailers like Display & Costume (Northgate) or PNTA (West Seattle).  Also required is a tube of mascara for each student’s personal use.  All extra makeup supplies, spare applicators, and cleaning products will be provided.**

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

3.  Audition Prep: August 21st-25th

Feeling nervous about that big audition?  This group lesson will alleviate that load of pre-audition stress by fully preparing the audition day material!  Students will learn how to research a role, get advice on picking monologues, gain confidence by performing pieces for peer-critique, and will leave class having mastered an audition-ready vocal selection.

This class is for all ages.

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