Set Your Sails Auditions 2020

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Broadway Bound’s Fall Auditions 2020 will be entirely online. We ask families to safely record what you would normally do for your audition at home, and submit it through an online application that will be emailed to you within a day of registering. This is a new format for auditions for Broadway Bound, you can read about how it will work here.
Important Dates to Know:
Auditions are due between September 15th and September 18th at 11:59 PM
Directors may have Call Backs over zoom September 21st, between 4-6 PM, if they deem it necessary.
Rehearsals begin the week of September 28th

More about the Show (Rating PG-13):
Set Your Sails is a new musical by Seattle vocalist and composer (and Broadway Bound’s resident musical director) Melina Karu. Featuring over a dozen original songs created just for this show, Set Your Sails combines history with myth, and a healthy dose of our modern-day fascination with tales of swashbuckling derring-do set against the backdrop of the last days of piracy. Aspiring to be a tale for the ages, this new work follows our young protagonist Johnny through a picaresque odyssey on the high seas as he encounters pirates, curses, treasure, love, and finally comes out on the other side to face his fears and his future.

Learn more about this new work, see our
– A one-page broad synopsis of the plot
– Character Descriptions
– A complete song list
–  A Character Comparison: to see similar roles to recent Broadway Bound productions

Show Tuition to be paid later: $1100
Audition Fee: Typically our Audition fee is $50, this season we are doing a pay what you can option with a $25 minimum.

Suggested price: $50.00

Minimum price: $25.00