Learn More about Broadway Bound's response to COVID-19 and the actions we are taking to keep our students and patrons safe.

Broadway Bound will continue to add information to this page as we continue to respond to the needs of our staff, artists, students, and families.

Program Updates

COVID-19 Fall Program Update – Thursday, August 27, 2020

Thank you for your patience with us as we adapt our programming to benefit our students in this new world. While we have been excitedly prepping for a safe and socially distanced return in the fall with our full length shows, we are sad to announce we cannot move ahead with our spring productions: Junie B. Jones, High School Musical, or RENT: Student Edition. At this time, MTI is not offering the the availability to stream performances, so we would be unable to record our students' work in a socially distanced manner or be able to share their hard work and art with you.

Instead Broadway Bound is moving ahead with two shows we've never done before that allow for streamed performances. We are pleased to announce that Broadway Bound is producing Rodger & Hammerstein's CINDERELLA (BROADWAY VERSION) for ages 5-18, and SET YOUR SAILS: A Musical About the Last Days of Piracy for ages 10-18. We're excited to produce this original new work written by our very own co-artistic director Melina Karu and provide a unique experience to students on what it's like to develop a world premier.
Due to COVID-19 we will be producing our fall shows differently. As always, every child who auditions will be cast and we will continue our practice of forming multiple casts for each show. We will be replacing in-person auditions with video submissions. Rehearsals will be conducted primarily online with some small group in-person rehearsals utilizing specially-designed masks for Broadway professionals and additional health safety precautions. This will be a new format for everyone so things may change along the way to fit the needs of the productions and the needs of our families as we get feedback from our participants. As the state moves forward in the Safe Start Plan, we are eager to offer more in-person options and will announce it to everyone enrolled in the productions. While this fall will be very different from the past in many ways, some things at Broadway Bound will remain exactly the same – like the fun and supportive environment where kids of all skill levels and backgrounds can come together and grow through musical theatre!

COVID-19 Summer Camp Update – Friday, July 10, 2020

At this time Broadway Bound has decided that we will keep doing virtual summer camps until state and local officials announce that the City of Seattle/King County will be in Phase 3 of the Safe Start Plan. Broadway Bound puts the safety and well-being of our community first and foremost and the responsible decision is to continue with an online only model. There are challenges facing Broadway Bound in rehearsing together that are unique to musical theatre. Broadway Bound does not see evidence  that we would be able to offer programming similar to what we offered in pre-coronavirus conditions or better than our virtual camps in the current phase. Phase 3 will loosen some restrictions where BBCT can offer an enriching experience that does not put undue risk on staff, artists, or families. Feel free to look over our Safety Measures for In-Person Attendance for when we enter Phase 3 of the Safe Start plan.

COVID-19 UPDATE – Wednesday, April 8, 2020 

We hope you and your families are healthy and coping with social distancing during this unprecedented pandemic. Thank you again for your patience in hearing from all of us here at Broadway Bound Children's Theatre. The delay has been in part due to us not having the words to accurately convey the heartbreak at having to postpone our spring shows. We know that this decision was the right one to make for the safety for all involved, but it didn't make it any easier.

All of us at Broadway Bound were eager to produce double the amount of shows we've offered in the past to a record number of youth participants! This remarkable spring season comes not one year after losing our Founder and Executive Artistic Director, Jimmy Nixon, who would have been thrilled to get the chance to work with everyone. During this transition, we've seen the passion and dedication from our community grow exponentially and we couldn't feel more supported. We hold so much pride and respect for our actors, families, artists, and teams that we've had to say goodbye for the time being as we all stay home and stay safe. 

More than anything else, we miss working with all of our casts. Right now we'd be wrapping up week seven of rehearsals for Junie B Jones and week five for casts of High School Musical and Rent. Every day, kids would eagerly ask Heather if they were going to get called in for a costume fitting and we'd hear all the casts confidently locking in their harmonies with Melina. We'd be preparing for our next production meeting where directors are thinking up cool new aspects to work into the sound or set design, and stage managers would humble brag about how well the kids in their casts were doing. We'd be working, collaborating, and reveling in the company of our students and theatrical professionals. Instead, we're staying home and staying safe while adapting to what's needed for our friends, families, and greater population. As one parent put it, we're experiencing "so many bummers to prevent so many tragedies." 

In full transparency, Broadway Bound is looking at a revenue loss of $300,000 from postponing these productions. As you may guess, this is a substantial amount of our operating budget we are facing to lose in the coming months. We are postponing collecting any tuition for the spring shows until we can resume this fall and ask all current families to leave whatever's been paid in their account to use for any and all future programming at Broadway Bound. We continue to honor our tuition refund policy as found on our website for those families unable to leave their account open. Broadway Bound is currently looking at all options available for loans and grants for arts organizations and small nonprofits and our prospects look favorable. 

However, the show must go on! We are resilient in these times and are working hard to provide essential artistic experiences to our families. Broadway Bound opened a few free workshops that can be successfully taught in an online format this week with more to open in the upcoming weeks. Additional "physically distant" virtual socializing events will be announced via our website and social media to help keep us connected. We will continue summer camp registration (June 15th - August 28th) and will have more information regarding fall productions as we work with our venue and licensing partners. As always, feel free to reach out to us at any time even though our communications may be delayed. 

To our actors and supporters, this is just an intermission. When we're back, we'll raise the curtain and open our shows to thunderous applause! Until then, keep your spirits up and focus on the day we'll celebrate and reunite in person to perform, create, and grow through musical theatre.

PS. We want to celebrate the power of the arts and we need your help! We're creating a virtual choir of a new work by Melina Karu, but to do that, we need our community! Stay tuned to our social media to learn how you can share your enthusiasm and be part of this project.

COVID-19 UPDATE – Monday, March 30, 2020 

On behalf of the staff and Board of Directors of Broadway Bound, we would like to thank you for your patience as we practice the theatrical skill of improvisation in our response to COVID-19.  As we all adapt to the changing realities of our world, we have also been adapting, and thinking through how to move forward in this time of uncertainty.

As we shared previously, we have made the decision to postpone the spring shows.  Our intention is to proceed with the same shows, with the same casts, in the fall.  We understand that this will not work for all families, but our hope is that most of you will be willing to hang in there and join us again in September.  

Broadway Bound is a non-profit organization, and we run on a very lean budget.  Like many small businesses and non-profits, we are facing an uncertain future and are hoping to make it to the other side of this crisis.  For Broadway Bound, that means that we are simply not in a position to refund all tuition payments made to date. Tuition payments already made will be credited towards future Broadway Bound programs, including the fall and spring shows, summer camps, and intensives. We look forward to working with all the kids again soon!

These are difficult times for us all, and we are relying on you, the Broadway Bound community, to make it through.  There are many ways that you can help. First, we appreciate your understanding with respect to our refund policy and your continued involvement in the shows this fall.  Second, consider donating to Broadway Bound. We depend on your generosity, especially in light of the postponement of the shows. And finally, stay involved and connected.  We are developing workshops on topics from puppetry to playwriting to costume design. A separate communication will keep you informed on the timing and details of those offerings.  We want to make sure that your kids stay engaged and passionate about musical theatre, and that they stay connected with each other.  

Thank you again for patience, trust, and continued support of Broadway Bound!

COVID-19 UPDATE – Wednesday, March 18, 2020 

Broadway Bound was excited about the plan for remote rehearsals and streaming performances we shared in our last message, but the latest round of social restrictions required to stop the spread of coronavirus creates insurmountable barriers to delivering the meaningful programming we envisioned.  We have therefore made the decision to suspend this spring’s shows for now. We will reach out again as soon as it becomes possible with a new performance schedule.

Keep an eye out for information about opportunities for your kids to stay involved in theater while they are home.

The Broadway Bound office will be closed for the remainder of this week while core staff members make the transition of working from home. We thank you in advance for your continued support and patience as we evolve and build new connections between the arts and technology.

We are extremely grateful for the outpouring of support the Broadway Bound community has demonstrated during this unprecedented public health crisis we are all endeavoring to overcome. It is a testament to the very special organization we have created together and will carry us into the future. 

COVID-19 UPDATE – Saturday, March 14, 2020 

The theater rallying cry – The show must go on! – has long been Broadway Bound’s response in difficult circumstances.  As an organization, we have always prided ourselves on exhibiting creativity and resourcefulness in the face of whatever challenges present themselves. We recognize that some of the most powerful lessons Broadway Bound teaches the kids with whom we work have to do with navigating unexpected difficulties.

To say that the current, evolving situation posed by COVID-19 is unprecedented and nothing any of us could ever have envisioned would be an understatement.  Nonetheless, our challenge has been clear: to reimagine a path forward for this spring’s shows that provides a meaningful musical theater experience while safeguarding the health of our students, our staff and all their families. 

We are excited to share the following overview of our plan:

  • Remote Rehearsals via Zoom

Broadway Bound has purchased a Zoom license and is working with volunteers with technical expertise to transform our rehearsal studios into “Zoom Rooms.”  This will allow these rehearsals to be interactive, creating time for actors to work with one another and their directors. Remote rehearsals will be scheduled between the hours of 4pm-6:30pm for Junie B Jones, High School Musical KA and JJ. Rehearsals for Rent will be between the hours of 6pm and 8:30pm. The livestreams will be recorded and available to families within 24-hours but students are strongly encouraged to participate at the time of rehearsals to interact with each other and our teams.

  • Libraries of Instructional Videos

Directors and music directors will create instructional videos and rehearsal recordings for the shows. March 16-20 will be treated as a prep week for our teams to discover and train with new technology. We will focus solely on creating these recordings and will not be holding livestreamed rehearsals. These will be posted to a private YouTube channel for students to use as reference as they practice their roles.

  • Streamed Performances

Broadway Bound is contacting MTI, the company from which licenses for the spring shows were purchased. Due to the extenuating circumstances, MTI  has granted permission for Broadway Bound to live stream the shows. Each cast of each show will perform once to a very limited live audience (in compliance with orders from state and local officials) of just immediate family members at the Rainier Arts Center. However, an unlimited number of ticket holders can view the live-streamed performance online. There will be more information regarding viewing the performance in a future email from your stage managers.

A few additional details about the streamed performances: Blocking for the shows will be adapted to accommodate social distancing orders from public health officials. Production departments are working hard on each show with scenic designs approved and construction underway at our warehouse in Mukilteo. All props, sets, microphones, and costume pieces will be cleaned/sanitized between cast performances. 

One more important note is that to make this all work, dates for the streamed performances will be shifted. This is done in consideration of the recent closure of all schools in Washington state until April 24th. They are scheduled as follows:

  • Junie B. Jones – weekend of May 15
  • Rent – weekend of May 25
  • High School Musical – weekends of June 5 and June 12

Remote rehearsals will begin the week of Monday, March 23rd with teams devoting next week to preparing their instructional video libraries.  Rehearsal schedules will be emailed late next week with detailed information on call times and how to access. We will provide a number to call should you have technology-related questions or challenges.  

While quite different from Broadway Bound’s usual approach, we believe the plan we’ve developed not only offers an enriching musical theatre experience but will provide connection and a bit of normalcy during the coming weeks of disruption to the kids’ usual routines. We embrace this challenge with a student population that’s grown up with technology all around them.  This is a unique opportunity to innovate together as we integrate technology and the arts.

We are grateful for the resilience of the Broadway Bound community – and as always, its unwavering support.