RENT Cast List


Rehearsals for Rent start the week of March 9th
Rehearsals are from 6:30-8:30 PM

Parent Meetings:
will be on March 10th & 11th from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. 
You only have to come to one of the days.
 **Some smaller roles, solos, and other features have yet to be assigned and will be given out during the rehearsal process.  Thank you!**

Cast 1

Alex Sayres – Paul, Mr. Grey, Squeegieman
Audrey Kinskey – Pam, Cyberland Singer
Ava McCallum – Joanne
Camila Ortega – Mimi
Cara Lee – Lance
Ella Nelson – Ali
Erin Maxwell – Annie
Evangeline Kraemer – Veronica
Fiore Pignataro – Roger’s Mother, Blaine
Gabriella Robbins – Vendor #2
Gita Wolford – John
Harlan Grady – Collins
Katherine Kinnan – Blanket Lady
Kelley Blair – Angel
Kiera Ohtake – Mrs. Cohen, Stacy
Kristen Blair – Alexi Darling, Darren
Lulu Kleban – Vendor #1
Natalie Warren – Mrs. Jefferson/Sue
Nikolas Margarones – The Man
Owen Schneider – Roger
Pauline Jaculewicz – Waiter
Pippa Cochrane – Cyberland Singer
Rosy Allen – Mimi’s Mother, Gordon
Sylvia Bates – Maureen
Theo Shernoff – Mr. Jefferson/Steve
Tierney Masterson – Mark
Tiffany Blanco – Benny

Cast 2

Aiden Kirkland-Ruddy – Paul, Mr. Grey, Squeegieman
Anahi Jimenez – Angel
Bella Berry – Annie
Calista Burke-Conte – Mimi
Ella Meulen – Blanket Lady
Ellen Hume – Mrs. Jefferson, Sue
Ellie Larson – Joanne
Felix Martinez – Collins
Finn Forgey – The Man
Hailey Christina – Cyberland Singer
Jane Meulen – Vendor #1
Jaydon Hardy – Mr. Jefferson, Steve
Josie Augustavo – Mrs. Cohen, Gordon
Kendall Cherry – Benny
Lucie McKean – Roger’s Mother, Blaine
Malia Megargee – John
Maria Luisa Pinheiro Lordes – Mimi’s Mother, Darren
Parker Holloway – Mark
Piper Steen – Maureen
Reagan Holloway – Vendor #2
Saffira Livesay – Alexi Darling, Stacy
Sam MacCarthy-Grant – Waiter
Sarah Seed – Ali
Scarlett Wenneman
– Pam, Cyberland Singer

Sebastian Varriano – Roger
Sofia Bartel – Veronica