Learn More About our School Year Productions!

Broadway Bound's School Year Productions are directed and designed by theatre professionals, and performed by students. We do 4 full scale productions during the school year; two in the Fall and two in the Spring. They are divided by age groups; 5-10 and 10 and up.  Every child who auditions at Broadway Bound gets a role in our productions. We accomplish this by having 2-3 casts for each production. Each cast will rehearse for about 3 months and perform 4 shows together.  Through active participation in theatre arts, we combine a fun and supportive atmosphere with professional standards. Children of all skill levels and backgrounds are challenged and supported while developing their mental, physical, emotional, social and creative potential through the joy and discipline of live theatre.

How to get Involved?

Every Child must audition to get a role at Broadway Bound.
Even children who have participated in our programs in the past must audition for each show.

Learn More about Auditions with our FAQ


Participating in a Production

How Rehearsals Work

Rehearsals start typically the week after casting is announced and go until the performances. Rehearsals are twice a week, they are 2 hours, from 4:30 to 6:30 or 6:30 to 8:30 at our studios in Udistrict. The kids practice for about 3 months with a team of theatre professionals including a director, a musical director, choreographers, stage managers and more. During rehearsal the kids may do a lot in one day, they actually may do very little. Not every scene requires every actor and it’s important that directors have the chance to work on scenes with potentially fewer actors. This may result in kids just watching during some rehearsals. But this is still a good opportunity for those actors,  it gives them the opportunity to watch and learn aspects of movement, song, or acting choices that they wouldn’t have before. Every rehearsal is a chance to learn about theatre, even if they are not actively learning that day. There will also be several Saturday rehearsals but we let you know those dates as soon as we know. It’s also important to note that although our rehearsal schedule is two days per week, as we near the performance dates there may be a few extra rehearsals called, usually on Saturdays, to fine tune the show and insure we present a first class production to our audiences.

Expectations for the Actors

  • Always Come Prepared

    We expect kids to be on time and prepared for all rehearsals. That means having your script, pencil, highlighter, water bottle and anything else requested by your team to all rehearsals.

  • Working outside of Rehearsal

    We expect that the kids will work on memorizing and practicing their lines and scenes outside of rehearsal. Even half an hour a day is going to help them be more prepared for rehearsals and their performances. We will give you music and videos to help with practicing outside of Broadway Bound.

  • Being Present

    We expect that the kids will make it to as many of their rehearsals as possible, meaning please do not skip unless it is necessary, ie sickness, family emergency, a pre-planned trip, ect.

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