Safety Measures For In-Person Rehearsals

Updated 9/23/2022

Broadway Bound takes the health of our staff, artists, students, and families seriously. The decision to have in-person rehearsals is based on adherence to the following guidelines.

  • We are requiring ALL students in the program to be vaccinated. A CDC Vaccination card is required at auditions. Medical exemptions are available.

  • Please DO NOT attend rehearsals if you are sick or have been in close contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19 within three days of that person's positive test result.

  • You may use the West Entrances (facing Brooklyn) to get in for rehearsals. We will NOT be outside for drop off or pick up. Adults coming inside for drop off or pick up will need to be masked.
  • Everyone attending will need to wear a face covering that includes the mouth, nose, and chin and fits close to the face.  Broadway Bound may not require face coverings the entire rehearsal period after assessing staff and participant safety needs. 
    • Students will NOT wear masks for performances. 
  • All surfaces, including floors, tables, chairs, supplies, handles, and switches will be cleaned and sanitized before and after each session with products approved by the EPA. The common areas & high touch areas in University Heights are being cleaned regularly.
  • Windows are kept open during rehearsals weather permitting and fans are on to get the maximum amount of fresh air in the rehearsal rooms. 
    • University Heights Center has opened the dampers in the building to circulate fresh air and installed HEPA filters through the building for any air circulating the building.
    • Each studio also has its own air purifier that can clean up to 860 sq ft per hour.
  • Should a student become ill or show symptoms of being sick, their parent/guardian will be called for early pick-up and a BBCT staff member will accompany them outside to wait. If there is inclement weather, a separate room will be provided for the student.

  • Broadway Bound will work with families to address any special care necessary for their children in the program regarding safety needs.

  • If a student (or a member of the artistic team for the show) begins to exhibit symptoms, we ask that they do NOT come to BBCT and to get tested for Covid-19 before returning.