High School Musical, JR. Cast Lists


Rehearsals for High School Musical start the week of March 15th
Rehearsals are from 4:30-6:30 PM

Virtual Parent Meeting:
We will email out packets with all information regarding the shows the week of March 22nd and there will be scheduled introductions and Q&A via zoom on March 25th and 26th at 6:00pm for both shows where we'll be going over the packet and checking in with families.

** High School Musical, Jr. has new additional characters and numbers from the movie. We will be assigning over 50 solos on the first day of rehearsal. Thank you!**

Cast Wild

Adelyn Bagley - Troy Bolton (Jock)
Anna Royalty - Kelsi Nielson (Theater Kid)
Atticus Patella-Buckley - Riley (Jock)
Charlie Bear - Zeke Baylor (Jock)
Chloe Christofferson-Jackson - James (Jock)
Hank Sebring - Chad Danforth (Jock)
Harper Lawrie - Cyndra Wittstein, Ms Tenny (Brainiac)
Innika Shrinivas - Susan (Theater Kid)
Jaylah Cage - Gabriella Montez (Brainiac)
Lucy Noble - Ryan Evans (Theater Kid)
Mackenzie Campbell - Martha Cox (Brainiac)
Mackenzie Cashill - Sharpay Evans (Theater Kid)
Manisha Nilakantan - Taylor McKessie (Brainiac)
Mimi Alloway - Jack Scott (Theater Kid)
Reid Whitman - Coach Bolton (Jock)
Sameeksha Singh - Ms. Darbus (Theater Kid)
Serena MacLeod - Skylar (Jock)

Cast Cats
Avery Mills - Cathy, Drum Major, Moderator/Ms Tenny (Theater Kid)
Charlotte Fourcin - Ms. Darbus (Theater Kid)
Corinne Chen - Coach Bolton (Jock)
Delanie Dreben - Troy Bolton (Jock)
Emily Felton - Susan (Jock)
Emily Free - Ryan Evans (Theater Kid)
Eva Harmer - Gabriella Montez (Brainiac)
Gabby Das - Taylor McKessie (Brainiac)
Hadley Ewart - Jack Scott (Theatre Kid)
Iyla Gee - Zeke Baylor (Jock)
Lizah McCarthy - Martha Cox (Brainiac)
Max Fox - Chad Danforth (Jock)
Norah Clibborn - Cyndra Wittstein/ Kratnoff (Brainiac)
Reagan Ewart - Sharpay Evans (Theater Kid)
Sasha Worner - Skylar (Jock)
Serena Das - Kelsi Nielson (Theater Kid)