The Addams Family Cast List


Rehearsals for Addams Family start the week of March 15th
Rehearsals are from 6:30-8:30 PM

Virtual Parent Meeting:
We will email out packets with all information regarding the shows the week of March 22nd and there will be scheduled introductions and Q&A via zoom on March 25th and 26th at 6:00pm for both shows where we'll be going over the packet and checking in with families.

 **If you have been cast in the role of an ANCESTOR, please note that this is a featured role which will have lines or solos, improvisation, and interaction with other roles.  It is NOT just a "background" or "extra" role.  The specific titles (i.e. "Flight Attendant Ancestor" or "Flapper Girl Ancestor") and associated solos will be assigned during the first week of rehearsals.  Thank you!!**

Cast 1

Audrey Nordtvedt - Alice Beineke 
Cara Lee - Gomez
Clel Howard - Mal Beineke
Evangeline Daniel - Ancestor
Grant Lawrie - Uncle Fester
Henry Severn - Pugsley
Isabella Morris - Ancestor
Josephine Traverse - Lucas Beineke
Laela Johnson - Ancestor
Maria O'Donnell - Wednesday
Millie Matthews -  Grandma
Stella Haight - Morticia

Cast 2

Annika Fletcher - Ancestor 
Elizabeth Free - Alice Beineke
Ella Nelson - Lucas Beineke
Ellen Hume - Gomez
Gabby Blanco - Wednesday
George Schneider - Pugsley
Lauren Armstrong - Ancestor
Nikolas Margarones - Uncle Fester
Sadie Cesarano - Ancestor
Scarlett Wenneman - Grandma
Sophie Harris - Mal Beineke
Tiffany Blanco - Morticia