Join our Virtual Choir!


Description: We are pleased to announce the latest virtual offering from Broadway Bound in the form of an exciting new performance opportunity led by our resident Musical Director Melina Karu!  Melina has composed a new song to be performed in a virtual choir format that will be shared publicly on our website and through social media.

You also do not have to have been enrolled in our spring shows to participate - all are welcome!  We do ask that you sign up below so that you may receive the forthcoming e-mails regarding the video submission process and schedule over the next couple of weeks.  Practice recordings will be sent out to interested parties and the only requirements for participation are your voice and a way to record yourself.
Social distancing and isolation are hard for everyone and they do take a toll on artists in particular, but we are hopeful that this performance opportunity will be a bridge of connection across the distance. Where we cannot be unified in one place, let us find solidarity in coming together with one voice.

Instructor: Melina Karu

Ages: Open to everyone

Restrictions: There are none!

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